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Review: How to Profit with a Direct Sales Web Site

As Internet marketers, we all share a common problem: How do we KNOW what our visitors are looking for?

Sure, we can guess what they want. We can list all of the benefits that WE think are valuable, and all of the problems WE think our products help solve. But if we donít push our visitors' hot buttons right away, they lose interest and leave.

That's why I was really excited to hear about a new audio interview that's just been released called "How to Profit with a Direct Sales Web Site," a conversation with a legendary Internet marketing genius they're calling "Mr H".

Why am I so excited about this interview? Well, quite simply, Mr H has actually figured out a way to get his visitors to TELL him exactly what they're looking for!

And boy, is it working for him! Even when he was just getting started, Mr H was already making $3,500 PER DAY with just 100 visitors a day AND a product that costs less than $160! Since then, he has fine-tuned his follow-up system and exploded his referral business -- and his revenues have ballooned to $8.1 Million!

And the very best thing about Mr H is that he can't keep a secret! He actually wants to TELL YOU all about how he's doing it!

He sat down with Internet marketing guru Corey Rudl (someone else who's no stranger to Internet success) and the two of them talked for nearly two hours. What Mr H had to say will blow you away!

In a nutshell, he actually reveals his entire recipe for success! It seems that he owes all of this wealth to five simple but innovative strategies. That's it! Just five easy-to-implement strategies that can transform any web site into a moneymaking machine! AND, he actually goes through all five strategies, and describes each one in detail!

I was blown away the first time I heard this interview! The second time I listened, I still couldn't take notes fast enough to keep up! I had to listen three times before I could even begin to absorb all of the incredible information Mr H reveals.

In fact, there's just so much information in this 101-minute interview that Corey even decided to create a special 32-page strategy guide to go with it -- in order to make it easier for you to implement all of Mr H's ideas!

This interview -- which is available on 6 CDs or 6 cassettes -- is definitely a 10 out of 10! Listen to it yourself and change the way you do business on the Web forever!

Click here to hear the interview for yourself!

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