From Ebay Zero to Power-Selling Hero - Day 1

"What It Takes To Be A 'Power-Selling Hero'"

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be "the best of the best"; to outcompete everyone who tries to do what you are doing--and to keep them guessing exactly what it is that makes you so good?

If you've ever owned a commercial website before, you know who these people are: they're the ones who sell the same product as you, but make $200,000 each year doing it. They have top rankings on search engines, flocks of loyal visitors, and a mailing list with 500,000 subscribers.

As a webmaster, two things separate them from you: time and money. Either they spent time gaining experience, building a business, and promoting a website or they hired a professional staff that multiplied their time by carrying out those tasks.

Money also separates you from them. They can buy cutting-edge products, hire elancers, and purchase more lucrative forms of advertising.

As an Ebay business owner, things are quite different. You don't have to build a 25,000-page website with unique content and promote it to the ends of the earth just to get search engines to notice you.

There is only one search engine you need to worry about--and that's Ebay's, the search engine millions of shoppers use on a daily basis.

Ebay gets 1.5 BILLION page views each month. As a seller, you have access to it without "building" anything. All you have to do setup shop and pay a small fee for your "slice" of the traffic pie.

To make things even better, you don't need a team of scientists working around the clock to get on the first page of listings. When your auction is closing, you will be on the first page--just like everyone else.

Ebay puts you on equal footing with your competition.

Even if they rich and experienced, you can outcompete them by understanding the single market medium you are both using better than they do.

There are plenty of resources available for you to compete with them. For one, you can follow my blog where ill share some vital insights with you. You can also look into the best personal loans to help build up your inventory, to get that little edge on your competition and get on your way to making your fortune!

. . .and that's all it takes to be a "Power-Selling Hero," even if you're an zero right now.

In the next four days, I'm going to give you four big hints - one each day.

Tomorrow, in "The Devil Is In The Details," I will tell you how to take advantage of the largest and most neglected means of getting traffic on Ebay.

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To Your Success,

Isaiah Hull

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