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Internet Business Personal Trainer - Lesson 12

6 + 1 Banner Design Tactics (c)copyright 2002 Terry Telford

You have three hurdles to hop over before you get successful click through ratios for your banners. After you've mastered the hurdles, use the six techniques plus the bonus tip to fly past your competition.

Your first three hurdles are:

1. Banner placement: You've got to get your banner hosted on the proper sites. There's no point of having a car care banner on a cooking site.

2. Attract attention : If your banner is a generic, 'looks- like-all-the-others' type banner, you need to re-think and redesign your look. Your banner has to stand out and grab your audience's attention.

3. Clickability : Now that you've got your prospect's attention, you have to make them so excited about what your banner is offering that they just can't help themselves, they have to click.

Here's how you can hop over each of the three hurdles and get to the finish line ahead of your competition.

1. Proper copy : You don't have much space, so each word is critically important. Use words like Free, Win, and Money, to get people's attention.

2. Graphics : Use graphics that instantly attract your prospect's attention. Graphics like fifty or hundred dollar bills, coins, stop signs, and e'rror messages all attract people's attention.

Depending on your target market, you can attract different prospects with different graphics.

If you're targeting men : Use photos of sexy women, cars, aircraft, motorcycles, or sports photos.

Women are attracted to sexy, muscular men, cosmetics, beauty products, and romance.

Children like toys, toys, more toys and candy.

3. Search box banners : Search box banners are very popular. You've probably seen them. They look like a search box or control panel and say things like :

'Maximize your computer's memory' and beside this statement are two buttons that look like you can click on them. One button says 'Now' the other says 'Later'

These are effective and increase your click through ratios.

4. Non-Banners : Non-banners are banners that don't look like banners. They don't have a border and are often the same colour as the background of the website.

Non-banners are an offshoot of text links. The text will often say things lik:

Click here to find out how you can lose 20 pounds in 20 days.

The 'click here' is in blue and underlined so it looks like a regular text link.

These banners are very effective if you use them on targeted sites. You'll increase your click throughs even more by matching the colour of your banner to the background colour of the website.

5. Animated banners : These little gems work wonders. One of the simplest ways to get people to click on a banner is to challenge them to click on a moving object. As soon as they click on the banner, even if they miss the moving object completely, they're whisked to your site.

6. Your URL : Every banner you create should have your URL (website address) clearly displayed on the banner. If, for some reason, the banner doesn't work, your prospect still has a way to find you.

It's not often someone will take the time to copy a URL off a banner and enter it into their browser, but there's no point in losing a sale because you didn't do it.


7. Size and shape : Yes, size matters ;) Odd sizes and shapes get more click throughs than the regular 480 X 60. If you can use vertical banners instead of horizontal, you'll see an increase in your c'lick through ratios.

With these tips and techniques, you should be able to increase your banner click throughs substantially. The next thing you need is an expert sale's page. But that's a whole other story.

Good luck and God Bless

Yours successfully, Terry Telford http://www.bpcpublishing.com

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