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Internet Business Personal Trainer - Lesson 2

Hello Friend,

Your free Internet Marketing Course comes with the compliments of Work At Home Right Now. The second of ten modules is available by clicking here... AOL You should SAVE THIS FILE on your hard disk.

In view of the considerable expertise of the contributors to this course, the work that went in to producing it, and the cost of presenting and delivering it to you, I ask you to support your sponsors by using the links in the eBooks. This is the ONLY payback that any of us get for providing you with this great resource.

I hope you found the first module helpful in your quest to boost your sales and increase your profits. This second module and the ones that follow will be equally impressive.

When I delivered your first module, three days ago, I briefly mentioned the importance of "Giving First to Prove Your Worth."

Well, by way of even more added value to your course, today I'd like to reveal to you exactly what I do, step-by-step, to make money online.

If you pay careful attention, this could quite easily be the most important email that you will ever read in your online marketing career.

There are lots of little twists people do in marketing to make it more effective, and you should never stop learning. BUT what I am going to show you today is a SIMPLE system that will GUARANTEE to make you money.

It's an easy 3 step formula...

1.) Generate QUALITY Traffic for Your Business.

You have to get your business exposed first. And this is the most frequent question I get asked... "How do I attract more QUALITY traffic to my site?"

The secret to getting traffic is actually so simple most people miss it. It's the subject of a great eBook called TheTrafficJam Formula, which you can get... HERE

But there's a difference between site traffic and QUALITY site traffic!

Quite simply, traffic is anybody who opens up your web page... even if they close it again two seconds later!

QUALITY traffic is anyone who STAYS at your website.

So you need to turn traffic into QUALITY traffic. You MUST give site visitors a reason to STAY!


The best thing is to give them free CONTENT... I am not just talking about free reports, though that's quite a good start. Rather, find something in your industry that everyone needs online (Free search engine submissions, free Listing of Ezines etc.) Something of REAL VALUE.

What about a free Training Course Online? You know you can become a licensed reseller of THIS course. You can even rebrand the course modules if you want. Click here

As you are discovering yourself, it's a GREAT gift!

Whatever you decide, you need to pick a HOT idea that is going to get people to link to you.

If you spend enough time at forums and talking with people in your industry, you will find a HOT need everyone has that you can offer to them for free at your site. Once you have something to give away, like this course, your traffic counter will just spin into hyperspace!

2.) Start Your Own Opt-In Mailing List.

Bulk email is out... Opt-In is in.

The most effective sales tool ever created is e-mail. Unfortunately mindless individuals have discovered that for almost no cost (to them) they can S`pam everyone online with their pathetic scams!

The war between the Spammed and the Spammers is swinging gradually in favor of the Spammed, and Spammers who get caught are now quickly finding themselves without email addresses or websites, and even in court with heavy fines (good!).

Opt-In email is the ONLY way forward online, and the most effective (and personally satisfying) way to do that is by producing your own ezine.

If you don't already have one, YOU are going to have to start if you want to succeed as an Internet marketer and stay competitive. Module EIGHT of this course will give you more details about using e-mail as a marketing tool.

You can produce your ezine monthly, weekly, or even daily... whichever is best for you. If you don't feel confident enough to write your own articles, there are dozens of people who will let you use theirs for free. For more details, just click the "Resources" page from inside your training course.

It is so simple to run your ezine, and so profitable, you have NO excuse for not doing so. As Marty Foley (one of our course contributors) says... "The *Real Gold* Is In The List"

3.) Use the Profit Streams of Every Opt-In List.

Your Opt-In Mailing list has SEVEN Profit streams... To keep this note brief, I am only going to mention ONE of them, but this one can produce GUARANTEED residual monthly income for you no matter what type of business you are in.

The main profit stream from your ezine is YOUR OWN products or services... Every month you can make a special offer on a NEW product or service or offer a special bonus to go along with the product.

Bulk email (spam) fortunately has poor response rates. On the other hand, Opt-In email (subscriber-based) has been known to produce response rates of 1% to 10%! Think about it.

If you have a $97 product which you are offering to a list of only 2,000 people, and your ad pulls in a response rate of 1%, you would have a gross income of $1940! A 2% response would double this to $3880! PLUS, you can do this every MONTH or even every week!

What if your list had 50,000 members on it?


So, just to summarize, here are the THREE SIMPLE STEPS that will ensure you an online profit...

1.) Generate QUALITY Traffic for Your Business -
give your visitors something of REAL VALUE.
2.) Start Your Own Opt-In Mailing List -
don't even think about spamming. That's for cretins!
3.) Use the Profit Streams of Every Opt-In List -
the main one is your own products.

And don't forget... "Give First and Prove Your Worth" should become your online manta.

Best wishes,

Isaiah Hull
Isaiah Hull is the CEO of Work At Home Right Now. He teaches new entrepreneurs how to use step-by-step, proven systems to earn a full-time income on the internet. Click here to see some of his top-selling Internet marketing products.

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