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Internet Business Personal Trainer - Lesson 1

Hello Friend,

This free Internet Marketing Course comes with the compliments of Work At Home Right Now. The first of the ten modules is available by clicking here... AOL You should SAVE THIS FILE on your hard disk.

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Over the next 28 days, at three day intervals, we will show you how you can significantly boost your sales, increase your profits and save time, thanks to the amazing products and services that are now available on the Internet.

But there's one thing that separates the "men" from the "boys" - or the "women" from the "girls" - and I'd just like to take a brief moment to share this with you...

Let me quickly tell you a true story.

A couple hear that the Internet will give them more in their lives. They are told it is a "Secret Weapon" for marketing and that it's available to anyone who wants to use it.

They get an Internet connection and venture out into this brave new world. They hire the best web designers they can afford to develop their new site. They find a couple of top products. Then they wait... and wait some more.

Nothing happens...

So a friend tells them they have to advertise online. Site visitors don't show up just because you are there.

And they learn all about banner advertising, ezine advertising, classifieds, trading links, press releases, etc. and, like good little internet marketers, they begin their quest for traffic.

Finally, after much hard work, they accomplish their goals, and hundreds of visits arrive at their site every day.

But there's still a problem...

They aren't making any sales...

There is NO money coming in...

They have spent their wad on web hosting, web design, advertising, and more. And their income has been next to zero up to this point.

What would YOU do?

For most internet marketers, this is the moment of truth. Will you do what 95% of people who reach this point do... Give Up and Quit?

Will you be another person who leaves the Internet? Will you decide that "People don't buy products online!" and become another 'failure statistic'?

I have seen this happen hundreds of times. I get emails daily from people who subscribe to my Newsletter... "What's the big deal?" they ask.

In fact, there's no big deal! Almost every marketer comes to this crossroads in their online business.

There are two paths available to you at this point. Will you be like most and take the path of failure... giving up just before you make your big breakthrough?

Or will you do what the successful online marketers do and look at the difference between people who make money online and people who don't?

I have already done my research and I am going to let the cat out of the bag right here and now. The big divider between those who create a successful online business and those who bury their dreams is very simple...

If You Want to Be Successful...You MUST Collect the Follow-up Information!

Stop and think about that for a moment. This one aspect of your online business is so important I could draw you a line in the sand and divide up who has been successful online and who hasn't.

Successful marketers are constantly developing new ways of Collecting information about their prospects or customers.


Web sites do not make sales. Email follow-ups make sales.

Ask any professional marketer online and you will find that their closing rate from just the website is horribly low. Even the best websites only get between a 0.25% and a 0.5% sales rate from their visitors. (Forget the hype - I tell you only THE FACTS!)

However, once you add follow-up email to the same prospects, you can get those percentages up to between 1% and 5% sales rate. Just because you applied follow-up to the equation.

And what does "follow-up" consist of?

Does it mean "hard sell"?

Quite the opposite. Follow-up means --- BUILD TRUST.

The real secret to Internet marketing is in building relationships with your prospects and customers by email.

And here's another absolute FACT...

Real success doesn't happen overnight. It comes slowly, from consistently contacting, training, supporting, and building up your clients.

"Give First and Prove Your Worth" should become your online mantra.

Which reminds me - don't forget that we not only give you the course, but the last page of each course module includes two great free downloads!!!

You will have my full support, no matter what. You can contact me at any time and for any reason and I will do my best to respond to your questions within 24 hours.

"Give First and Prove Your Worth"

Best wishes,

Isaiah Hull ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Isaiah Hull is the CEO of Work At Home Right Now. He teaches new entrepreneurs how to use step-by-step, proven systems to earn a full-time income on the internet. Click here to see some of his top-selling Internet marketing products.

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